No One Is a Bystander to Street Harassment

Cat Calls: Called Out is dedicated to creating a safe space for anyone who has experienced street harassment to be able to share and commiserate without judgement. This is a campaign based on solidarity.

With that in mind, any and all comments and submissions containing which use racism, homophobia, transphobia, classism or other identity signifiers to attack either victims, bystanders OR perpetrators of street harassment will not be tolerated. Harassers come in all shades, sizes, classes and cultures; we attack them for their sexist, unsavoury behaviour, nothing else.

We also will not tolerate any instances of

-victim blaming

This includes, but is not limited to, “you shouldn’t have worn that,”  “you shouldn’t have walked alone,”  “you shouldn’t have been so rude,” and et cetera.

-“next time, try-”  (and other prefixes to meaningful advice.)

The sentiment is appreciated, but tends to be unnecessary and/or fills people with self-doubt and shame. It’s hard enough experiencing street harassment, and it’s hard enough opening up about it afterwards. Leave advice for abstract ideas and debates, not people’s lived experiences.

-“…but not all men are like that” (and similar attempts at derailment) (Why? See this post.)

Lastly, feel free to debate ideas and concepts, but please leave your debates out of people’s stories.

Thank you for being understanding and lovely.

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