No One Is a Bystander to Street Harassment

Cat Calls: Called Out is a Sydney-based anti-street harassment campaign that believes that no one can be a bystander when it comes to stopping street harassment.

Street harassment is public, often gender-based sexual harassment. It is public interaction that works to degrade, embarrass, objectify, intimidate and otherwise make the person feel lesser and unsafe.

We’re dedicated to creating safe spaces where people can share these stories and discuss their experiences, as well as encourage, discuss and share with others on how we can bring this solidarity into our lives.

This blog (and its facebook and twitter!) contain:

-Comics, images and gifs of street harassers being taken down and out

– Songs to inspire you while you walk down the streets filled with leering dudes

– A place for you to vent your street harassment stories without being judged

– Posts on why slut-shaming and victim-blaming helps no one


Our facebook is here. Our twitter is here. Our comment/submission policy is here.

Thanks for stopping by, and have a nice day.


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